Out of School Summer Camp Care in Calgary

Are you looking for a fun engaging environment for your child in the summer that isn’t run by teens and volunteers only? Is your child registered in an in-house program that is losing its location for the summer and now will not be able to offer subsidy? Are you looking for a program that offers a blend between a themed structure and still makes time to embrace the things we love about summer? We have themed weekly camps with a monthly option available. Our topics rotate each Monday and are:

  • Exploring Nature: Living in Calgary, we are blessed to have access to such diverse and beautiful parks and nature sanctuaries. In a world cluttered with technology this camp is all about reconnecting with nature and what environmental stewardship is all about. From a hike in Fish Creek Park to a trip to Elbow Falls we want to show your child a world outside the iPad.
  • Stampede Week: Stampede; Calgary’s claim to fame, what is it all about? Is it just about rollercoasters and crazy carnie food or is there more. Why do celebrate it? What was life like for the cowboys and natives who lived thru this time period? Exploring Alberta’s roots and frontier life we want to show an accurate picture of what Calgary was like 100 years ago.
  • Everything Rolls: When archeologists were cataloguing man’s greatest inventions the wheel ranked second. From making our labours easier to helping us move around wheels and balls are everywhere and this week is all about fun and safety with them. From bicycles and skateboards to basketball and bocce, wheels are where it’s at!
  • Art, an Expression of Self: What is the difference between crafts and art? What are the basic fundamentals and history an artist should know? Featuring a classically trained guest instructor we want your child to learn what is involved in making a painting. From sketch work to watercolours we want your child to be able create something that they will be proud of.
  • World Cultures: What is life like in other parts of the world, how did their societies develop? We will explore the world right from here. From traditional dress and music to the dishes that make these cultures unique we want children to be able to better understand those who are different from ourselves and help embrace the mosaic of Canadian culture.
  • Dinosaur Week: This is our shortest week as it falls on the August long weekend and we will spend it learning about the “terrible lizards” that once roamed the earth. Along with discussions and building your own dinosaur this week features a trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller which is included in the cost of tuition.
  • Is That You 007?: What is a spy? James Bond gave us a very specific definition of one but, is that based in reality? Why did we invent Intelligence agencies and why do we need them? Does Canada have its own brand of spy? These are the questions we will be solving together as your child learns what it is to be an intelligence operative in the modern world and how they can apply modern tradecraft to their lives with their friends.
  • Water World: Second only to breathable air, water is the most important resource on the planet. How has it shaped our society and determined where we have settled? From learning about boats and how it was rivers that settled North America to the need to be able to clean our water we want your child to grasp how precious a commodity it is and that it must be protected.
  • Things That Fly: This week will be spent exploring flight in nature, technology, and history. We will study Birds and Insects about how they are able to fly and how we were able to replicate it. We will work on our very own flying machines and take the children to visit the Aviation Museum to learn how flight has developed for mankind.

Preschool Summer Camps in Calgary

Summer is a busy time for our little ones, a time to explore their ever expanding worlds and develop friendships. A Preschool Summer camp can be a great option for parents who want to expose their child to a structured program, have them reconnect with classmates from their preschool class, or maybe just want a busy program so an afternoon nap is guaranteed (peace, quiet, serenity). Operating select weeks we have different themes to engage your little one that are favourites in the semester.

  • Teddy Bear Adventures: Bring your favourite fuzzy friend along for adventures with puppetry, story time, drama to the park, make believe stories, and dress up. Science on real bears etc.
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls: What do they do and how do they take care of animals? From farm life to moving cattle let’s have some fun! Round up your stuffies and mosey on down to try panning for gold and gems. At an age appropriate level we want to show them how was Calgary during cowboy days. How they slept and rode and what food they ate.
  • Dinosaurs: Are there dinosaurs today? What are your favourites? Were they all scary? Let’s introduce you child to the amazing world of the distant past. Making fossil digging fun!
  • Up, Up, and Away (Superhero Fun): Superheroes can be a great way to introduce the concepts of social justice and being a positive influence in your environment. Taking a gender-balanced look at Heroes in pop culture today we want to give them a non-aggressive showcase of their motivations and standpoints.
  • Princesses and Knights: Travel back to a make believe world of medieval fun. Dashing knights and pretty princesses will fill our stories and dress up games. You never know maybe the princess will come to the rescue from the scary dragon. Real life royals and how they have changed over the years.
  • Fairies & Pirates: Come on an adventure to Never-Never Land with Peter, Wendy, and Tink. Help defeat the dastardly Captain Hook and save the day. What makes fairies and pirates so intriguing to all ages?

Please follow the links on this page to download a registration form for the Out-of-School Summer Camp. Have questions or concerns? Contact our office for more information.

Preschool Summer Camp Registration Form
Out of School Summer Camp Registration Form

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